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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Really great app that's flexible. Love that it ques changes in your run from you watch audibly so you don't have to constantly look at the minutes. Support is also super responsive.
— Heather
Customer reviews
This app has been a dream. It has motivated me to push myself beyond what I knew I was able to do. The personalized plans, coaching, and easy set up have been incredibly useful as I have tried to incorporate running into my weekly schedule. In fact, I have been so motivated, I have signed up for my very first race; a 5K. This is something I never thought I would be able to do but the Runna app has helped me build the confidence to take these opportunities and take charge of my physical activity.
— Zuri Trice
Customer reviews
I’ve been running for over ten years, but this has genuinely transformed my running. It’s all so well thought out, and seamless integration with your watch. I’m running my fastest times since I started out running, and it’s motivating me to hit every session. I’m surprised at how good it is!
— Lisa San Martin
Customer reviews
Just love this iPhone AND Apple Watch app the structure and coaching tips just helped break my PR in my 5 and 10K by over a minute and my pace was within 2seconds of Runna’s estimated pace time on my last 9mile race using Runna’s 10 mile plan….oh love the different music playlists for the different types of workout runs a tempo playlist and interval playlist as well as long run and race playlists…just awesome and thank you -Christopher
— Christopher Creech

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